Capturing a day that families want to remember forever is an awesome responsibility.  And one I take it very seriously. My goals, as a wedding photographer, is to tell the story of your wedding. Not the story that’s been told a million times before through stale visual clichés, but a highly personal story that reveals the unique spirit of your day. How it looked. How it sounded. When you laughed. When you danced. And especially those moments when it really hits you—“Wow, I’m married now.”  

So here’s what you can expect when I sign on to shoot your wedding.

Having your photo taken will feel effortless. My clients often comment that I make having your photo taken feel very natural. So they look natural, too. Whether we’re shooting spontaneous, editorial style images or more thoughtful portraiture, the real you is going to shine through. No awkward posing, just real, genuine interaction and connection.

Your photos will have style. I literally grew up in a fashion photography studio—my Dad’s.  It kind of rubs off on you. 

Your photos will have your style.  Through your photos, we'll help you remember your day just the way you experienced it. Along with using our creative and artistic eye, we'll collaborate with you to find out exactly what's most important to you - the little details we know you put so much thought and effort into, the big moments, the small meaningful moments - nothing will be missed.

In the end, it’s your day. I have no agenda other than ensuring your photo experience is one part of a perfect day.  I’ll take my cues from you and make sure you have the time and space to enjoy your own wedding.