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You’ve finally found the one. The person you have been waiting to begin your forever with. When that day arrives, you’ll have one chance to capture all of the moments that mark the start of your journey together. Who will you entrust with your memories? You will work more closely with your photographer than any of your wedding vendors on the day of the wedding, so it's important that you are comfortable and confident in who spend an entire day with.

Capturing a day that families want to remember forever is an awesome responsibility.  And one I take it very seriously. My goals, as a wedding photographer, is to tell the story of your wedding. Not the story that’s been told a million times before through stale visual clichés, but a highly personal story that reveals the unique spirit of your day. How it looked. How it sounded. When you laughed. When you danced. And especially those moments when it really hits you—“Wow, I’m married now.”  We want to capture real, raw, authentic moments.

Read on to learn what you can expect from us when we sign on to shoot your wedding -



SO many of our clients, even those that tell us how awkward they feel in front of the camera, comment that we make having their photo taken feel very natural. So they look natural, too. There will be no stiff, awkward posing; just real, genuine interaction and connection between the two of you. We want your photos to reflect your unique personalities. So whether we’re shooting spontaneous, candid images or more thoughtful portraiture, the real you is going to shine through.


It is so important to us that your experience working with us feels effortless and fun. We believe it is our job to offer you as much guidance as you need to ensure things go smoothly before, during, and after the wedding. Whether it’s helping you plan your timeline, offering photo location suggestions, vendor recommendations, or arranging family formals - we’ll be there every step of the way.


Although the photos are important, what’s more important is celebrating your commitment to each other with those you love most. Our couples often express how much we appreciated that we captured every detail, yet they hardly remember seeing us throughout the day. We’ll document the day as unobtrusively as possible so as not to be disruptive. In the end, it’s your day. I have no agenda other than ensuring your photo experience is one part of a perfect day.  I’ll take my cues from you and make sure you have the time and space to enjoy your own wedding. 


We want to hear your ideas and vision for your wedding. You’ve spent weeks, if not months, planning and perfecting every detail of your day. We want to know what elements are unique to your wedding, the people that are the most important to you, and anything else that you have your heart set on having us capture. Using our creative and artistic eye, we'll help execute your vision. From the little details to the big moments, to the otherwise forgotten memories - nothing will be missed.


We LOVE wedding day details! Capturing the details is an important part of your story, and we love to start off the day by photographing your dress, shoes, something borrowed, or something blue. This helps set the stage for. We know you’ve also put lots of thought and effort into all of your reception decor, we are absolutely amazed by our brides’ talent and creativity! So everything from your centerpieces, your


Whether it’s responding to your questions, delivering your images, or creating your album design, we’ll be sure everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We usually are able to return calls or emails within 24 hours. After the wedding we know you’ll be dying to see your photos, so we won’t keep you waiting months. You can count on seeing your photos within 6 weeks of the wedding (usually sooner than that!).


After 12 years photographing over 400 weddings, we know the ins and out of weddings. We know how to handle those situations that someone with less experience may not know how handle - dark churches and reception rooms, finding the creative potential in new or less than ideal locations, or working well with other wedding vendors. And in case of the very rare, but real possibility of an equipment failure, we bring plenty of backup cameras and lenses, memory cards, and lighting so that you won’t have to worry about any of your precious memories being missed!

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