The Grand Barn at the Mohicans Wedding // Leslie & Dane

We had the pleasure of photographing Leslie and Dane’s wedding at the Grand Barn at the Mohican’s wedding venue. What an amazing location, in the middle of Mohican State Park. This beautiful outdoor rustic wedding was one of the most unique I’ve had the opportunity to photograph!

Story from the Bride:

Dane is a cellist with the cleveland orchestra; I am an art therapist/psychologist in private practice.

Dane likes to say "We met on Coventry," (but really, we met online.) Our time was quite limited since I was moving to Seattle at the end of August. After our second date, we thought, "We will make great friends." We continued to spend time together, taking advantage of the various summer events around Cleveland. At the end of the month, Dane offered to help me move out of my apartment and a place for Zorro and I to stay a few nights before I was due to drive to the West Coast. Well, a few days turned into a few weeks, and before I knew it, my (our) future plans had changed quite drastically. I remember the moment I realized that the future I had drawn was no longer the future I wanted. I was staying in Cleveland and we were staying together.

Story from the Groom:

When I decided to propose, I was in the airport in Grand Forks having just been to visit Leslie and her family in Devils Lake. While waiting to board my flight I called Dad and told him about my decision. I needed to put it into words, enjoying a feeling of security, a total absence of anxiety; feelings I had not anticipated would accompany a marriage proposal!

A friend recommended an artist who worked with me to design Leslie's ring. When it was due to arrive, I had been waiting to receive it but had to leave for rehearsal or risk being late. I was just leaving the neighborhood when I saw the FedEx truck! I flagged down the driver and explained that he had a package that Leslie must not receive. Engagement ring in the passenger seat, I was off to work, unavoidably late at this point. I had to explain my tardiness to my colleagues. Any one of 100 musicians might spill the beans with Leslie attending the next day's concert.

Until then, I had not been nervous, but knowing that I was about to propose, that it must be that day, had me sweating. Leslie was sitting on our beautiful porch, so I brought the ring outside, got down beside her and was so nervous that I don't really remember what I said. Of course I told her that I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, but I'm not sure how it came out. I do remember her trying to jump out of her chair, saying "What's going on? Are you serious!" And holding her down, responding, "Wait, let me finish..." The rest is a beautiful blur.

After our surprise engagement on 9/3/17, Leslie found this picture dated 9/3/16, a sketch for a painting she made following her decision to remain in Cleveland instead of moving her life to Seattle. Leslie and I share the most beautiful story, made so by some very bold decisions and a fierce commitment to each other.

We loved working on this amazing wedding at The Grand Barn at the Mohicans Wedding Venue!

Photos by established Wedding photographers in Toledo, Kristen Nicole Photography